The first format that creates economic success through design.


by Design

not only startups but also venture capitals profit from our approach.

Our ground-breaking format is the first to create business success for startups by accelerating the corporate identity, UX and UI. The startup gains credibility and market share which is essential at start.

Our creative acceleration format for startups maximises the return of investment for investors. We partner with venture capital funds to prolong their value chain and take care of the portfolio after investment.

Startup + Funding + WII = Success


Who are you talking to? We customise your product to the right audience with detailed user research.


Nowadays ventures live of a unique business modell and great UX/UI design, we deliver both.


Success is being driven by brand intelligence and experience, that is why WII partners with venture capital.

Building Brands

Corporate Identity
User Interface
User Experience
Tech Development
Brand Collateral
Business Modelling
Venture Building
User Research